Premium basics that are ethically produced, simple to shop and priced fairly

We constantly improve a small selection of essential garments while avoiding the devastating cycle of today`s fashion industry. This slow approach allows us to build long term relationships with highly skilled factories and source custom fabrics to create garments that match modern life and times.

Therefore, our garments are designed for multiple occasions, ignoring the idea of certain clothes for specific activities. It’s a kind of restriction that feels completely outdated and irrelevant to us. Instead, we draw inspiration from sports- and workwear for ultimate comfort, while using natural fabrics and clean designs for a timeless everyday style. This is our way to support different people with different lives, enhancing a flexible and dynamic lifestyle.

Also, we believe that luxury and sustainability can perfectly complement one another. And we go all the way with this: from material sourcing to production, from packaging to logistics; we take utmost care of our people and their environment.

Another great advantage of a timeless wardrobe is the ability to sell the same items over and over again, which allows us to offer the simplest shopping experience and excellent service. Therefore, Blanc launched a native app for iOS and Android to provide a smooth process where you can refill your wardrobe within 40 seconds.