Fall Preview

New additions to our collection will arrive online and in-store in November. With versatility, durability and comfort forming the foundation of each of our staples, wool plays an essential role in these new pieces. As the most versatile natural yarn available, it carries an extensive list of benefits that touches on durability, practicality, comfort and ethics (when sourced with care). Wool is warm, yet breathable. It is biodegradable, recyclable and colours fast. It is water resistant, and its naturally anti-bacterial and anti-odorant essence reduces the need for washing. 

Yet, there are critical notes to the fabric that should not go forgotten. Animal welfare, biodiversity and the environment are often at stake in its production. Treatment of the sheep involved is all too commonly inhumane and poor land management can cause environmental degradation.

As wool cannot be interpreted as ethical when it does harm to our planet and the animals involved, Blanc commits to using three kinds of meticulously considered wool that are either organically certified virgin or recycled. By means of introducing you to our wool, we offer an up-close tour of what to expect from us in the nearing winter months. 



Our Organically Certified RWS Yarns

The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) addresses both the welfare of sheep, as well as that of the land they graze on. As such, our RWS-certified organic wool is cruelty free and ensures regenerative farming practices and grazing techniques. Our partners use non toxic dyes and minimal amounts of water. For certification, all of the supply chain requires to be audited, from farm to final business transaction. With proper practices, the harm of producing virgin – or non-recycled – wool can be drastically reduced. 

Lambswool Half Zip, Ecru and Brown

Taken from the sheep’s first shearing, lambswool is known for its fluffiness, softness and ultra-insulating properties that allow for exceptional comfort during even the coldest of winter days.  

For our upcoming lambswool sweater, we use extra fine fibres that allow it to be spun into the smoothest possible thread. This then forms the base for knitwear with a finer touch whilst also resisting pilling. The yarn’s natural crimp creates minor air pockets which trap and release heat, allowing the wool to maintain your body temperature, continuously keeping you warm. Due to the fabric’s high elasticity, layering up will not cause any discomfort. When bracing yourself for winter, this sweater will likely be your best bet.



Merino Loungewear, Black, Navy, Sand

We will be introducing a new shade in our popular Merino Milano Knit range while restocking the ones in Navy and Black. Again, these are expertly made to offer loungewear that is suitable for any occasion.

Like with our lambswool, we use extra-fine and organically farmed, RWS certified yarn. Merino wool comes from a merino sheep, a breed known for its ultra smooth fleece that is slick enough to wear comfortably directly to the skin. Yet, this does not ask for compromise on strength and durability, for which Merino - also commonly referred to as performance yarn - too is known. The yarn can be densely knitted to offer all season layers that are both insulating and breathable. 

Executed in a double 12-gage milano knit for utmost durability, the naturally smooth yarn remains sleek, resists pilling and keeps its structural shape also when worn extensively. Applying this knit to yarn smooth like merino, results in a silky yet non-glossy structure that translates into an optimally refined fit. The extra-long staple ensures a beautifully elegant drape, which seamlessly merges functionality and comfort into luxuriousness.



Wool Blend Uniforms in Black and Navy

Many of you requested the Monday uniform as workwear. As such, we implemented a wool gabardine style that through its altered composition extends durability and eases washing. A newly added Square Shirt as well as an updated Standard Trousers, together form our new wool polyester blend uniform. 

Wool blend, or wool gabardine, is a fine weave that forms a common base for tailoring. Unlined, the Square Shirt allows easy layering in winter. By means of applying a chic fabric to a comfortable design, we here too offer the versatility that underpins our collection. 



Our Recycled Wool Loden

All of our wool coats are handmade, using recycled wool-blends from Prato, Tuscany. As a hub known around the world for its wool fabric heritage, this offers geographical assurance of fabrics made with deeply rooted expertise. Having perfected their trade for years with a special care for innovation, our partners excel in applying traditional craftsmanship in facing today’s challenges.

All of our partner’s wool is mulesing free. The dyes used in the recycled yarn’s previous lives are closely monitored, to ensure that all recycled fabrics are free of hazardous substances.

Recycled Wool Coats, Navy and Brown

The coats are made of shredded wool yarn spun with recycled polyester, in order to create a fabric that offers a perfectly balanced microclimate for outerwear: breathable, yet rain- and windproof. Made of a functionally elegant merge of 70% recycled wool and 30% recycled polyester.



For pre-orders, please get in touch via store@blanc-essentials.com