Mens Underwear Update

Our mens underwear is hand-made in Greece by an independent family-owned workshop, known for their refined jersey productions since 1942. We offer three classic styles for three different purposes: the Y-Brief is the most traditional one, still very relevant when wearing fitted trousers. The Boxer Briefs are the modern replacements the previous traditional option. We have designed this boxer with the least amount of seams. The back and side are cut out of one single panel of fabric, resulting in a most comfortable fit. This same minimal approach was applied to the Boxer Short, which neither has a tight nor loose fit, but it surely is the most comfortable one which makes it a good option for both day and night. All styles are executed in Micro-Tencel®: an ultra-soft yarn made from regenerated beech-wood from sustainably managed EU-forests by Austrian yarn-lab Lenzing®. It is a CO2 neutral process that requires 20 times less water than cotton that results in an anti-bacterial yarn that feels smoother than silk.


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02: The Y Brief – SHOP


03: The Boxer Short – SHOP