– requires 15-20 times less water than cotton.
– more absorbent and breathable than cotton.
– resistant to shrinkage and pilling.
– softer than silk; remains smooth after frequent washing.

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Modal® is a fine, smooth fibre made from beech trees.
Beech tree is known as a deep-rooting plant. For this reason, beechwood is extremely resistant and Modal® has high dry and wet tensile strength values. Beech trees propagate by themselves. No artificial irrigation or planting is required. Thus, beech-tree forests are a completely natural and sustainable source of raw material.

An Austrian company, Lenzing, creates Modal® by turning beech wood into pulp, extracting the fiber, and then reconstituting the fiber so that it can be spun into yarn. Modal® is an all-natural fiber, and the beech wood used in its production is from sustainable forestry plantations growing native trees. The byproducts of the manufacturing process are used in other industry applications; for example, leftover wood sugar from processing is used in the manufacturing of artificial sweeteners. Also, the production of Modal® requires up to 20 times less water than the production of cotton.