About us

The Hague, NL
A simple take on luxury with the least environmental impact.

Blanc started as a personal project in which we explore the meaning of ‘blanco essential products’. Blanco in its design, production and purpose, ‘essential’ as a reminder to make something fundamentally useful. The past years this project slowly evolved into a brand that is now represented in premium stores among respected brands, earning its presence by merging luxury and sustainability. We are proud and thankful when realising the variety of people we’ve reached with the simple idea of ‘blanc design’, and we are committed to growing our brand and its impact.

As for any other product-brand, it’s all a matter of quality. Everyone has a positive idea about the word quality, yet it has so many different meanings. Is it durability, or luxury, or is it comfort? To us, it means to care. When you really care, you know where and how it’s made, you know why you need it and how to take care of it. And when you care, you can’t do or have too much, since you can only truly care about so many things. So while it might seem just a simple white tee, the process that goes on behind it represents a routine of care and our commitment to do and have more with less, which is an answer to a lot of today’s challenges.